“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world;
indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.” 
Margaret Mead


A Message In A Bottle is a new book series slated to be the new version of Chicken Soup for the Soul with a twist: this anthology serves the contributors, a non-profit and its intended audience.


About A Message In A Bottle

Almost everyone remembers the Chicken Soup For The Soul series - it was an instant classic. By taking the simple idea of sharing real stories about real people, the series provided hope and comfort, just like the proverbial grandmother’s chicken soup. 

That series was launched more than twenty years ago…..

The marketplace is begging for something fresh and meaningful that can teach and inspire with stories of victory, defeat, growth, and everything you’ve learned on the road to making your dreams a reality while sharing advice on how someone else can achieve success in their life too.


Why You Should Participate?

Who Are The Books For ?

How Will Contributors Benefit ?

The AMIAB books intersect collaboration and social responsibility with benefits for:

  • The entrepreneur, professional or leader that participates as a contributor
  • A chosen non-profit organization that will be the recipient of 100% of the retail royalties of the book
  • A market segment the book is intended for.  For example, a Dream Team book – Get your Financial House in Order is intended for people to better manage their money, investments and retirement.

AMIAB series is intended to be a GPS to success in life and business by sharing the advice, experience, success and failures of the contributors. Though enormous sales are not the intention of this project, we expect many of the books to reach large audiences, which will bring a tremendous amount of exposure to your work. Every time one of the contributing authors sells or shares a copy of this book, each contributor gains the eyes of a brand-new audience. Based on the unique way in which the A Message In A Bottle books will be marketed, and positioned in the marketplace, we believe that millions of copies will be distributed from the series!  


A Message In A Bottle books will touch upon topics from how to get a seat at the table in your industry; to how to divorce with dignity, and beating the odds of defeat. Through this series we will provide a book that will be a resource covering every area of life professionally and personally….even subjects that aren’t being talked about.


There will be A Message In A Bottle book for everyone: women, men, entrepreneurs, business owners & career individuals, millennials, husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, children, athletes, ministers, teachers; people from all walks of life.  We are committed to being a resource and delivering ongoing valuable content and mentorship through our books and radio shows by sharing the expertise and inspiration from our contributors.


Lisa Williams

Lisa Williams is the founder of Augmented Publishing Group, soon to be Smart Press Publishing, LP. Her specialty is to quickly build greater know, like, and trust for her clients. Williams is an exposure specialist, publisher, radio show producer, and best-selling author. She helps entrepreneurs leverage positioning, publishing, publicity, public speaking, platforms, partnerships, and personal social responsibility to grow their business, establish their expert platform, and create success for themselves without having to compete.


Lisa Williams is also the founder of the #SmartHustle#SmartGrind movement, an initiative to help female entrepreneurs stop working themselves to death and become the Doyennes of their industry, a woman who is the most respected or prominent person in a particular field.


Williams and her colleagues have helped over 300 professionals become best-selling authors. Williams personally has helped 22 professionals publish a book and/or reach best-selling status.

Our hope is that when a reader receives a copy of this book, it will be the very message or information they have been needing and will arrive like a bottle that washes up to shore to someone on a lonely island, i.e. A Message In A Bottle.

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